Expert advocates hydroponic farming for women journalist

Mr Philip Okpala, an expert in hydroponic farming on Thursday advocated hydroponic farming for all women journalists in Nigeria.
Okpala explained that“ hydroponic farming is a method of growing plants without soil.’’

He spoke during the National Association of Women Journalists’ (NAWOJ) Delegates Conference in Benin.

He said hydroponic farming was a subset of hydro-culture, adding that the process required growing plants without soil using mineral nutrients solution in a water solvent.
He explained that all that was needed in the hydroponic farming was hydroponic nutrients, an inert hydroponic medium, a light source, time and plant.
”The output of hydroponic farming is ten times greater than the traditional way of farming
”This type of farming is done indoors. It grows all round the year. It is very profitable”, he said.

According to him, whether we like it not, women are the drivers of Nigeria’s economy. It is an opportunity to be an entrepreneur.


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