Food security: Farmer wants subsidised implements to boost production

A farmer, Alhaji Iliyasu Beji, says provision of implement and inputs to farmers at subsidised rate will encourage all-year round farming in Nigeria.

Speaking in Beji on Monday, he said that the gesture would encourage farmers to produce more food for local consumption and for export.

“The massive production of assorted foodstuffs will greatly help to pull the country out of recession.

“The availability of farming implements and inputs, especially fertilisers, will encourage more Nigerians to venture into agriculture.

“We are blessed with vast land needed to produce all sorts of food items, but we lack essential farming implements.

“If given the support, Nigerian farmers can produce assorted farm produce twice or thrice a year,” Beji said.

He further advised farmers to desist from selling their foodstuffs to intermediaries who makes them expensive for ordinary people.

“No matter what, the farmers should resist selling to middlemen; they are largely responsible for the high cost of food items,’’ he said.


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